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      Spring reset safety valve

      Mainly used for drilling mud pumps to protect the mud pump bushings and other parts from damage
      Forged with high-quality high-strength alloy steel and reinforced stainless steel, advanced heat treatment process
      Corrosion resistance, impact resistance, wear resistance
      Balancing device adopting piston, crank, connecting rod mechanism and imported load spring
      Automatic pressure relief and manual pressure relief, manual reset
      No need to stop, unlimited reset
      Less maintenance, time-saving and labor-saving, convenient and fast, safe and reliable


      No. Model Regulating range psi Diameter Connection method Operating conditions Weight kg
      1 RRV-3x5000Y 1500-5000 3 Union Standard/H2S 126
      2 RRV-3x5000F 1500-5000 3 Flange Standard/H2S 136
      3 RRV-3x5000FY 1500-5000 3 Flange + Union Standard/H2S 131
      4 RRV-3x7500Y 2500-7500 3 Union Standard/H2S 126
      5 RRV-3x7500F 2500-7500 3 Flange Standard/H2S 118
      6 RRV-3x7500FY 2500-7500 3 Flange + Union Standard/H2S 123
      × screw compressor power frequency air compressor
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